Double Drum Roller

Double Drum Roller

  • / Day
  • Advantage:
    Equipped with Brand-name Power, Superior Performance, Easy to Start.
  • Operating radius is small, In an extremely Narrow area operations.
  • Use of domestic Brand name hydraulic pumps, motors, before and after the road, easy to Operate.
  • Lengthened armrest, Steering Convenience, Can adapt to different height of the operation.
  • Surface spray, Beautiful and beautiful, Rust & corrosion.
  • Infinitely variable Speed Control.
  • Hydraulic Vibration Drive.
  • Water Sprinkler System Drum Scrappers.
  • Hydraulic Vibration Control.
  • High Gradient Capacity.


Optional Features:

  • Electrically operated
  • Self-Starting arrangements

Application Areas:

  • Municipal
  • Highway Pavement maintenance operations
  • Culverts, Trench Base & Backfill
  • Construction and plaza construction in the compaction
  • Edges of highway, Construction & repairing of roads
  • Embankments & Compaction canals
  • Private Roads & Hilly terrains with sharp Bends
  • Rolling Lawns, Playground & Parking lots etc.

MSS is a unique brand, which is engaged in Presenting a Walk Behind Double Drum Vibratory Roller or a baby roller is a modern compact design for use in a wide range Of compaction application. Hydraulic with integrated travel control eases the operating effort required for Movement.
The famous Walk behind Double Drum Vibratory Roller has the vibratory source located in the Drum which provides maximum compaction and traction performance. The MSS Roller is suitable for operation on various types of soils in tropical conditions.

Engine Greaves Diesel Engine
Engine Model 1510 Electric Start
Engine Type Air Cooled Diesel Engine
Power 10 HP
Drive Model Mechanical Drive
Walking Model Front & Back
Dimension 1300x450x680 mm
Vibratory Clutch Method Automatic
Centrifugal Force / Exciting Force 25 Kn
Fuel Capacity 6 to 8 Ltrs.
Area of Compaction 25000 sq.ft. / hour
Theoretical Climbing Ability 30%
Hydraulic Oil tank Capacity 18 Ltrs.
Water Tank Capacity 35 Ltrs.
Watering System Gravity Sprinkle System
Wheel Size 600mm x 420mm x 2
Package Size 1350 x 750 x 1150 mm
Weight 650 Kgs.