HDPE Pipes and Fittings

HDPE Pipes and Fittings

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Key Features:
Flexible – pipes up to 140 mm diameter
available in coil form
Excellent resistance to stress cracking and long term stress crack propagation
Can be safely used down to -40″C
Chemically resistant to most corrosive chemicals, acids and alkalies
Abrasion resistant
All types of fabricated/moulded fittings
for butt welding available


Also Available:
Complete range of water sprinkler system
(lS 14151) for micro irrigation.
Pipes as per ISO 4437, ASTM D 3350
,ISO DP 4427 etc.
Services for pipes/fittings butt welding –
on Site installation
Poly Propylene pipes (PP) Pipes

Agriculture (column pipes for submersible pumps, suction and delivery of water, sprinkler systems, drip/lift irrigation etc.)
Potable water supply
Conveying corrosive effluents of chemical and other process industries like petrochemicals, paper, dye stuff, rayon and fertilizers
Sewage and solid waste management
pipe lines (lS 14333)
Underground pipe lines
Cable duct lines
Onshore and off shore pipe lines
for dredging
DM/RODM plants
Air conditioning and ducting
Supply of compressed air
Chilled water circulation
Radioactive waste

Available Sizes: 20mm to 710 mm O.D.