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MSS Engineering is a unique name, which is engaged in presenting a wide range of bar cutting machine. This brings duty bar cutting machine with strong construction and high-quality components. MSS Engineering Rebar Cutting Machine is manufactured under the guidance of our skilled professionals using high-grade components. Rebar Cutting Machine Mainly used for a construction site for flawless smooth functionality and easy operations.

Our Products (Models: MBC 40C, MBC 50C) can be used efficiently to cut plain carbon steel, hot rolled steel, screw bar, flat rebar, square and angle bar which are widely used in Construction Site. We back it up with local after-sales service in INDIA and readily available spare parts. Mechanical or Hydraulic shear boost of heavy duty frame providing rigidity while shearing large diameter bar. The Shearing blades are made of high tensile cutting steel with heat treatment to ensure long blade life. It’s small in size, Light in weight, reliable and compact structures. These machines are portable with provisions of wheels. We back it up with local after-sales service in INDIA and readily available spares parts all over the world.


Cutter (Model: MBC 40C & MBC 50C) adopts Gears, Shafts, Connection rod and Blades made of high-quality alloyed steel with required heat treatment (quenching/ tempering / high frequency) and 15mm thick external case to ensure reliable performances also under heavy loads and long working life.

Connection rod has high hardness degree on attaching part with the blade; its internal side is made of tin-bronze to avoid abrasions while touching the crankshaft.

Thick Blades (4 edges) to ensure accurate cutting with all kinds of steel bar (square blade or moon-shape blade option with press-spring).

CE Certificated dust proof MOTOR with aluminum shell.

Clutch System is provided for your safety.

Blade can be easily replaced.

Cutting Blade is covered with the protective metal sheet to provide better safety norms.

Cost effective, Reliable, Durable and easy to operate.

Compact machine body with Reliable quality.

Cost effective, Reliable and quality Machine.

Reduce Labor cost and Low maintenance.

Special tool steel cutting blades are carefully heat treated for a longer cutting Life.

Clutch System is provided for safety Purpose.


  1. Saving Effort: Foot Pedal for easy operations

  2. Security: Thick Protective Cover

  3. Safety : Plastic Switch Protecting shell

  4. Save Money

  5. Convenience: Humanized feeding wheel

  6. Intimate Protective Cover: 1cm thick Iron plate protective cover, the operation of reinforced engineering rebound.

  7. Wireless Remote Controller: Using a special remote control device, The farthest remote control distance is 30 mtr., More safe operation.

  8. ARC Cut-Off: Specific up and down knife way, Efficient and fast.

  9. Solid Fly Wheel: 25 cm wide solid large inertia flywheel to ensure strong cutting and reducing the impact load of the machine.

  10. Battery Switch Pedal: The subversion of the traditional clutch shutdown mode.

Technical Specifications


MBC 40

MBC 50

Bar Bending Dia.32 mm TMT Rebar & 35 mm
Plain Bar
42 mm TMT Rebar & 45 mm
Plain Bar
Type of MotorCopper Winding (Brake motor)Copper Winding (Brake motor)
Motor Power4 KW4 KW
Motor Rotation Speed1430 R/min1430 R/min
Speed of Working Disk8-11 R/min12 R/min.
Noise Value (1m away)≤80dB(A)≤80dB(A)
Weight310 Kg.360 Kg.
Dimension700*760*800mm740*940*730 mm

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This Machine is very simple and is useful to cut steel rods with hardness Q295, PB295 etc. The machine consists a Bracket, Cutting Plate, Adjusting Screw (back), Oil Cylinder, Handle, Switch, Pump, Mouth (back), Protecting Cover, Brush seat, Carbon Brush and a Motor. The technical parameter is given here under



PB 240 Reinforcing SteelØ 16Ø 20Ø 22Ø 25
PB Steel HRC36Ø 12Ø 18Ø 19Ø 20
Spring Steel HRC52Ø 8Ø 10Ø 12Ø 14
Power Source (V/Hz)230/50 120/60230/50 120/60230/50 120/60230/50 120/60
Rated Consumption Power (w)1050140016002000
Net Weight8.5151620

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