Walk Behind Double Drum Vibratory Roller

The Toughest above all else


The New Generation

The New Walk-Behind Double Drum Vibratory Roller is modern, compact and designed for use on a wide range of compaction applications. The technology: Mechanical Drive with handle integrated travel control for less operator effort. This gives smooth operation throughout the speed range. The double vibratory system with vibration source located in the drum provides maximum compaction and traction performance. The water sprinkler system is incorporated with a well balanced and strong chassis. Quite suitable for operation on various types of soil under tropical conditions. All the controls are within easy reach of the operator.

  • Mechanical Drive
  • Easy Operation
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • High compaction performance


Technical Specifications

Prime MoverMultipurpose
A) 8 HP high-speed diesel engine
B) 3. H.P. (3 P.H.) Electric motor. (traction)
C) Heavy Duty Gear Box
D) Reverse – Forward
Vibratory UnitA) 1 H.P. (3 P.H.) x 1440 RPM electric motor
SpeedA) 3 km. / hr.
ElectricA) 5.5 Kva. (Output)

B) Extra electric point provided for other
when roller not in use

SizeA) L-2700 mm. x W-1250 m.m x H-1300 mm.

Special Features

  • Designed as Rugged Cum Maintenance free Machine.
  • Using electrical Products & other engineering spares are standardized cum branded Items; Easily available everywhere.
  • While the Machine is Idle, you can get 5Kva Power, for other utilities (through the extra electric point, using Engine & Alternator)
  • The engine is Running only for generating power to the motor (through Alternator), So there is no Sudden Increase/decrease in the speed of the engine, Hence due to the constant speed & less load, the long life of the engine is assured.
  • Like Hydraulic equipment, there is no need for skilled mechanics / Engineers.

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Technical Data


Net Weight                                         : 1000Kgs
Operating Wt                                    : 1050Kgs
Impact Force(Approx)                   : 4000Kgs


Drum width                                       : 900 mm
Overall widht                                    : 1000 mm
Overall length                                   : 1300 mm
Overall height                                   : 1100 mm
Drum dia : 495 mm


Engine make                                       : Greaves
Model                                                     : 1510
Power rating                                       : 8.3 H.P
R.P.M                                                       : 3000
Cooling                                                  : Air cooled
Displacement                                    : 510 cm
Compression ratio                            : 17.5 : 1
Oil sump capacity                             : 1.75 ltrs
Lub.oil consumption                        : 0.022 kg/hr
Fuel : Diesel oil
Service rating                                      : NB DIN 6270 with load
Continous rating                                : NB DIN 6270
BS 649 :1958
IS 10001 /1980



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