Non Toxic Food Grade Hose

Non Toxic Food Grade Hose

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Key Features:
Made from special non-toxic ingredient that provide safe use in food products
No kinking bulging or bursting even in the most serious working conditions
Excellent resistance to high vacuum/pressure and external impact
Total transparency allows one better visualization of the ticket of the products
Its total smooth internal surface does not allow seating of residues, preventing contaminations


Also Available with Copper Wire:
In special sizes and non-toxic flexible hose with copper conductive wire for conduction of anti-static charges generated

Suction and Discharge of beer, wine, milk, beverages, ice-cream, chocolates, peppermint, cereals and other food items

Available Sizes:
50 mm to 100 mm I.D.
Pressure at 300C:
Working pressure 3.5 kg/cm2 to 5 kg/cm2
Bursting Pressure 11 kg/cm2 to 16 kg/cm2